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This census is shared on the open web, free of charge. In lieu of purchasing a copy of this census or paying to access this census site, help us help others by donating $5.00 or more to the following causes:

NAACP Legal Defense Fund
Black Lives Matter Global
West Chester Food Pantry 

About the Creators
Bill Schultz has collected stamps and Postal History for over 70 years. His interests have expanded into the areas of philatelic judging, writing, speaking, research. and teaching. He lives in West Chester PA with his spouse Patricia.

Jasmine Smith is a librarian and postal collectible restorer. She has professional archives and special collections experience. Her library and archives background includes digital collection management, which she applies to digitally capturing, cataloging, and analyzing postal history data for census and book projects. Jasmine is interested in helping postal historians preserve their physical collections and share their research with wider audiences through digital tools.

The 6 ¼ cent census project received encouraging support from the following individuals:
Mr. Alan Warren Mr. Fernando Martinez Mr. Rick Leiby
Mr. Alfredo Frohlich Mr. Gordon Eubanks Mr. Robert Rose
Mr. Bill DeWitt Mr. Hal Klein Mr. Robert Rufe
Dr. Chas DiComo Mr. Jerry Palazolo Mr. Scott Tiffany
Mr. Dan Walker Mr. John Howker Mr. Steven Roth
Mr. Doug Weisz Mr. Labron Harris Dr. Vern Morris
Mr. Ed Siskin Ms. Letty Moon Mr. Vince Costello

The following individuals identified covers and provided images for the 6 ¼ cent census:

Alfredo Frohlich James Milgram Richard Frajola
Anne Sell Jerry Palazolo Rick Leiby
Bernard Bailes Jim Leonardo Robert Meegan
Bill Schultz Jim Petersen Rocco Caponi
Charles J. DiComo, PhD Larry Baum Siegel Auctions
Dave Plunkett Lou Kember Steve Kennedy
David Snow Mark Bailey Sue Davies
Deane R. Briggs, MD Mark Jardel Thomas Lera
DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University Mark Schwartz Tony Crumbley
George Cumming Matthew Liebson Van Koppersmith
Glenn Estus Michael O'Reilly Vern Potter Currency & Collectibles
Greg Stone Niles F. Schuh Wayne Farley
Harry Winter Ohio Postal History Society (OHPHS) William DiPaolo
Heritage Auctions Phil Bansner Winston Williams
Phil Eschbach